Our Services

We provide a broad spectrum of services to your facility. Our programs and services have been developed and refined by a company that specializes in correctional healthcare alone. We establish and maintain a network of healthcare providers for your facility to ensure the highest quality services for the inmate population. Our philosophy is to utilize onsite service wherever possible to mitigate security risk and reduce your costs associated with transportation and correctional officer overtime.
  • Physician Care

    Physician Care

    We implement and maintain all services needed for a successful health care program.

  • Nursing Care

    Nursing Care

    Our nurses are experienced in treating common medical issues that inmates face.

  • Dental Care

    Dental Care

    Our dental program provides patients with quality, cost-effective oral health services.

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    We provide all patients with a mental health assessment as part of our receiving process, and handle all mental health care services.

  • Pharmacy and Medication Management

    Pharmacy and Medication Management

    We provide comprehensive pharmacy and pharmaceutical consulting services, including the administration, management, and disposal of medications.

  • Laboratory


    We offer laboratory services, including samples drawn in-house and transported by carrier for testing, minimizing patient transport.

  • Medical Records

    Medical Records

    GENESYS keeps every patient’s medical file up to date for appropriate care and treatment, taking the burden off the facility.

  • 24/7 Call Coverage

    24/7 Call Coverage

    When emergencies arise, you have our guarantee that we will be there by phone 24/7 with a response for each facility.

  • Claims Processing

    Claims Processing

    We handle all paperwork for filing claims with ACCG and BCBS, freeing up your staff from burdensome insurance tasks.