Correctional Healthcare
Correctional Healthcare


Our leadership has successfully transitioned and implemented 

multiple programs in jail and prison facilities across the US. 

“GENESYS aspires to consistently act ethically and with empathy, ensuring that every person we encounter is treated like family. This includes our people, patients, and our partners. Our objective is to do what is right at all times, with compassion and integrity. This philosophy drives us and embodies who GENESYS is as a company.”

~ Dr. Peter Wrobel, GENESYS Owner & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Peter Wrobel

Owner & Chief Medical Officer

Get to know Dr. Wrobel

Peter Wrobel is the founder of GENESYS Health Alliance. Dr. Wrobel has over 30 years of ER experience as well as correctional experience. Dr. Wrobel oversees the delivery of healthcare services for the company’s contracts. He provides the vision, expertise, and strategic leadership for GENESYS’ current and future clinical programs for our clients. He serves as the company’s ultimate authority on medical issues for our clients and as a resource for the site level providers for clinical issues. Dr. Wrobel is a Certified Correctional Health Professional (CCHP) through the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) and an NCCHC Accreditation surveyor. Dr. Wrobel is responsible for determining medical policies and ensuring compliance with directives, rules, regulations and clinical performance standards of the state, federal government, and accrediting bodies.

Kenneth Lassiter

Chief Executive Officer

Get to Know Kenny

Kenneth Lassiter served  4 years in the Army, stationed in Germany, and moved back to the United States and began his career as a Correctional Officer for the North Carolina Prison System. Moving quickly through the ranks, Kenneth’s final role with the North Carolina Department of Corrections was the Director of Prisons, where he was responsible for the management and oversight of 53 prison facilities that housed over 29,000 people. Kenneth retired from the public sector after 32 years of service and transitioned to an operational Vice President role in the private correctional healthcare sector. He now assumes the role of CEO for GENESYS. Over the span of his working career, Kenneth has humbly developed his personal and professional mantra and adheres to the acronym CPR - Compassion, Professionalism, and Respect. In discussing the acronym further with him, Kenny stated “Living by those values has always carried me in the right direction.”

Donald Hulick

Chief Operating Officer

Get to know Don

Don Hulick is the Company’s Chief Operating Officer and has more than 35 years of experience in the military, public service, and field of private investigation. After serving 4 years as a Military Police Officer in the US Air Force, he served as both a municipal police officer and private investigator in Illinois. Don started as a Correctional Officer at the Illinois Department of Corrections in 1988 and furthered his career there by being promoted to Warden over several of the most complex facilities in the State. After retiring from the Illinois Department of Corrections, Mr. Hulick joined a large correctional healthcare organization as a Regional Manager and later advanced to become the Director of Operations over its Jail Division, as well as over the Florida Department of Corrections. Don advanced to become the Vice President of Operations and supervised the provision of somatic and mental healthcare services to the Statewide prison population for the Maryland Department of Corrections. At GENESYS, Don provides strategic and operational oversight for all contracted partners and team members and is responsible for the management and oversight of regional and corporate operations. He provides critical and compassionate leadership in executing delivery of services in accordance with GENESYS’ core values.

Dustin Dowling, FNPC

Director of Provider Services

Get to know Dustin

Dustin graduated from South Georgia State College with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has over ten years’ experience in the medical field. He continued his education at South University in Savannah, Georgia and obtained his Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration (MBA-HCA), due to his mutual interest in both patient care and the business side of healthcare. He continued his career in emergency medicine while obtaining his Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Family Practice from South University in Savannah, Georgia. Dustin started his nurse practitioner career in correctional medicine and was quickly promoted to Director of Provider Services with Genesys Health Alliance. Dustin is responsible for developing the provider network for GENESYS. He is also responsible for developing standards and resources to implement cost-effective and high-quality strategic provider networks and establishing both internal and external long-term partnerships. Dustin is constantly working to improve provider communication and creates training and education programs for the providers in the company. Dustin ensures compliance with applicable company business and provider standards using evidenced-based care and by following the most current healthcare guidelines and standards of care.

Ashlee Hidden

Director of Partner Success

Get to know Ashlee H.

Ashlee is responsible for the organization’s growth by pursuing new client opportunities and supporting the relationships with existing clients. The key to her success has been strong communication skills, unwavering integrity, and consistently delivering on every commitment. Ashlee is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s growth agenda including identifying and pursuing new client opportunities, supporting the relationships with existing clients in collaboration with the field operations leaders, and leadership of our client management processes including client satisfaction and the RFP process.

Ashlee O’Quinn

Corporate Director of Nursing

Get to know Ashlee O.

Ashlee O’Quinn has over 10 years of experience in the correctional healthcare field, serving employers in a leadership role with an expertise in correctional policy and procedures, and correctional healthcare. She began her career in corrections as a staff nurse at a county facility and quickly moved to a management position through hard work and determination. She has managed the medical department in multiple correctional facilities ensuring all care is coordinated, flows efficiently, and organized.

Janet Boyd

Director of Support Services

Get to know Janet

Janet has 40 years of leadership experience directing multiple medical departments in medical centers, along with responsibilities in marketing, infection control, quality compliance, inventory control, and medical billing. She has a degree in Allied Health and Respiratory Care, and manages the Support Team in the GENESYS Home Office, assuring that each jail medical department and staff member has the tools necessary to operate on a day-to-day basis effectively and efficiently.

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